Finding Beauty

Finding Beauty

One of the things that inspires me the most is the visual arts. A picture of the simplest object or an obscure reference piques my interest and shifts my focus from the daily grind to a place of creativity where I am free to focus my viewpoint into a finite place to write.

The above photo was taken on the first day of a big snow after a harrowing trip 50 miles through a local mountain pass.  Although I was grateful to be tucked safely behind my desk that fateful day, the image of that front tire cutting through the two lane road before the snowplow reminded me of how we all take risks: creative risks, personal risks, professional risks, and beyond our control, we are blessed with an unexpected element of beauty.

No matter your interpretation of the photo, I hope this image brings you a moment of creativity.

Photographers and artists, we look forward to receiving your work. The submission deadline for our debut issue is December 15th, and you can submit up to 10 items.

Take some risks, and thank you in advance for sharing.

photo credit: Eliza Wiley