In Loving Memory of our Co-Editor and Friend, Lisa Huff

In Loving Memory of our Co-Editor and Friend, Lisa Huff

Hello Montana Mouthful Community,

We recognize that our social media presence has been less than usual, but behind the scenes we’re busy finalizing the layout of Issue 2 of Montana Mouthful, which will be published next week.

However, we’ve also been grieving the loss of one of our co-founders and co-editors, Lisa Huff. During the end of 2017, Lisa was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She approached the cancer as she approached so many things in life, with bravery and grace, but sadly Lisa died on May 25, 2018. Of course, we are devastated to have lost the companionship of such a creative, vibrant woman, one who was always brimming with stories and laughter.

In honor of our friend, Issue 2 will include a tribute to Lisa, and although words alone can never fully express who she was, two of our editors have written beautiful tributes. In Holly Alastra’s opening Letter from the Editor, she writes of Lisa, [she] endured her diagnosis with as much hope and optimism as a person possibly could. Her positive attitude in the face of her own mortality awed me. Included in Stacy Collette’s dedication are these lines, One of the most consistent elements Lisa brought to our meetings was her indomitable spirit. She would walk into the house with a smile and quip from the day, and she exuded so much life as she offered constructive feedback, interpretation of unfinished works, and ways to run the business of Montana Mouthful.

As we transition our thoughts to the upcoming publication of Issue 2, we hope you will join us in keeping Lisa’s spirit alive by meeting life bravely with a creative and joyful spirit.