Montana Mouthful’s “Blessing in Disguise” issue is live!

Montana Mouthful’s “Blessing in Disguise” issue is live!

It’s that time again! Our “Blessing in Disguise” issue is live!

As we all know, the previous year presented enormous challenges on a global scale due to the Coronavirus. Stress has been at an all-time high for many people on many levels. Bearing this in mind, we selected the “Blessing in Disguise” theme with the hope that we’d receive stories, essays, artwork, and poems that offered inspiring or uplifting endings in the wake of challenging situations, as it’s likely we could all use some silver linings at this point. Well, the submissions rolled in and we were not disappointed! This issue’s contributors are a very talented group of writers and artists who were able to locate the good in what were (or appeared to be) bad situations, and they did it beautifully.

Here is the link to Our Current Issue web page where you’ll find links to read the issue for free online and where you can purchase print-on-demand copies.

We hope you enjoy this latest issue and continue to find blessings in your own life.


The Montana Mouthful Editors