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Montana Mouthful Update and New Instagram Series

Greetings MM Community, After we published our debut issue, MM staff took a brief hiatus to regroup and celebrate more than a year’s work dedicated to creating a new literary magazine. Now we’re back, refreshed, and focused on Issue 2. The theme of our second […]

Seeking Submissions for Issue 2 and a Contest

Seeking Submissions for Issue 2 and a Contest

Greetings! Last Thursday, we published the first issue of Montana Mouthful! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback, and we hope you enjoy the inaugural issue if you’ve not yet read it. You can read the issue for free, and you can also purchase digital […]

Montana Mouthful’s “Firsts” Issue is Live!

Montana Mouthful’s “Firsts” Issue is Live!

We are excited to share our inaugural issue of Montana Mouthful Magazine!  More than a year of planning and preparation by the MM staff has led to this exciting moment, and we sincerely thank all of the writers and artists who had confidence in us and submitted work for our debut issue.

Inside, you’ll travel through a variety of stories and images that represent a “first” in some capacity. Joy and sadness exist within these pages: first loves, first losses, and a range of firsts in between.

Montana Mouthful’s “Firsts” Issue can be read for free here.

If you’d like to own a copy of the issue, you can purchase digital and print copies here.

Feel free to share the “firsts” with your friends and loved ones! Since we’re a fledgling magazine, let us know what you think of the issue, as we’re excited to get your feedback.

Thank you and enjoy,

The Montana Mouthful Editors

Making Time for Your Writing or Art in Four Easy Steps

Making Time for Your Writing or Art in Four Easy Steps

  I have a confession. Many writers and artists struggle to find time to practice their craft. But not me. Of course, it’s not because I’m an efficient time manager who operates on a set routine. No, it’s quite the opposite. You see, my life […]

Montana Mouthful joins Literistic’s “Friends Program”

Montana Mouthful joins Literistic’s “Friends Program”

We are proud to add a new link on our Partners webpage! Montana Mouthful has recently joined Literistic’s “Friends Program,” and we are excited to share this information with you.  Literistic provides deadlines for submissions to literary magazines, contests, and more. Each month, Literstic sends […]

Stick with Us

Stick with Us

Thank you


During our two months of launch mania, we have been humbled and energized by the fans of our fledgling magazine and the writers and artists who’ve already submitted work.

We want to personally thank our early supporters who pasted our Montana Mouthful stickers onto water bottles, cars, binders, and shop windows.

This is the community we hoped to create by launching this new endeavor.

So, thank you! We hope that you’ll continue to talk about Montana Mouthful and to share your artistic expressions with us. We look forward to displaying some great work in our debut issue, which will arrive in February 2018.

Remember, the submission deadline is December 15th!

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Winter Community Story

Winter Community Story

If you missed it, our first Montana Mouthful Community Story was a success! Fifteen people contributed lines for our eerie Halloween tale. Thanks again! For the next community story, we’ve added a twist: the story happens in two parts. First, from now until Friday, November […]

Finding Beauty

Finding Beauty

One of the things that inspires me the most is the visual arts. A picture of the simplest object or an obscure reference piques my interest and shifts my focus from the daily grind to a place of creativity where I am free to focus my […]

Creating Narrative Nonfiction

Creating Narrative Nonfiction

Narrative nonfiction is a favorite genre of mine as it allows one to blend story-telling with factual information. The genre is also known by other names, such as creative nonfiction and literary journalism.  If you’re a writer who’s never attempted this genre but would like to, the following information may prove valuable as you delve into your own narrative nonfiction stories.

Narrative nonfiction is based in fact.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, this type of writing delivers factual information or events in a way that reads like a story. The genre may be termed “creative”, but this does not give the writer license to embellish the facts or invent information. Instead, you employ story-telling elements, like scenic development and characterization, to present the information. Memoir is another example of this type of nonfiction.

Short narrative nonfiction is focused.

At Montana Mouthful, we ask that your stories be 2000 words or less. In this case, like short fiction, your creative nonfiction piece should be focused. Don’t attempt to tell too many stories at once.  For example, maybe you wish to write about your experience as a volunteer at a homeless shelter. Instead of attempting to summarize several experiences that took place at the shelter, perhaps you focus on how you helped one particular person overcome poverty.

Narrative nonfiction is better with a purpose.

Will your story uncover secret scandals, share insights, or give people hope? To me, the best nonfiction is more than entertainment. I love a story that challenges my truths, opens my heart, or leaves me more knowledgeable about the world.

Narrative nonfiction keeps the story moving.

Start in the action. Recreate the scene. Provide vivid descriptions of the individuals and events. Pretend your readers are watching a movie (they are in their minds!). How will you write, so your readers experience the information? Remember to incorporate sensory information to bring your scenes to life.

At Montana Mouthful, we love a wonderful creative nonfiction story, and we look forward to reading yours! Good luck!



The Montana Mouthful Staff can’t wait to read your story. But before you click submit, the following three questions may help you evaluate your work. Where is your story? With 2,000 words or less, we only have time for one primary setting. Are there rich […]