Stick with Us

Stick with Us

Thank you


During our two months of launch mania, we have been humbled and energized by the fans of our fledgling magazine and the writers and artists who’ve already submitted work.

We want to personally thank our early supporters who pasted our Montana Mouthful stickers onto water bottles, cars, binders, and shop windows.

This is the community we hoped to create by launching this new endeavor.

So, thank you! We hope that you’ll continue to talk about Montana Mouthful and to share your artistic expressions with us. We look forward to displaying some great work in our debut issue, which will arrive in February 2018.

Remember, the submission deadline is December 15th!

Current Sticky Supporters

Sheri Kosena

Jack Carlson

Laurie Harmon

Nate Cummings

Bob Swaney

Cara Swaney

Meg Swaney

Debby O’Neil

Penny Whiteford Pass

Michelle Lutey

Mark Piskolich

Ed Tinsley

Christian Mackay

J.P. Crowley

Melody McDonough

Carla Anderson

Somer VanLith

Meg Munden

Collette Hanson

Peg Hasner

Linda Ganno

Wes Divine