Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Montana Mouthful is an independent, nonprofit literary magazine devoted to short fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and visual artwork. We are a digital publication with a print-on-demand option. Each issue and/or contest will be themed, and we aim to publish three times per year.

Although we seek short pieces – just a mouthful – avoid sending anecdotes. Surprise us with your words. Strive to submit stories that build toward something more than a punchline or trick ending. Montana Mouthful is open to most subjects and styles; however, we are not interested in gratuitous sex or violence.



Flash Fiction – 1,000 words or less (up to 2 pieces);

Short Story – 2,000 words or less (up to 2 pieces).


Essay – 2,000 words or less (up to 2 pieces);

Narrative Nonfiction – 2,000 words or less (up to 2 pieces).


1,000 words or less (up to 3 pieces).


Up to 10 images


On Monday, February 21, 2022, we published our “Lost and Found” issue. This is the last issue we’ll publish.

However, this doesn’t mean the magazine will disappear soon.

While we’ll eventually shut down the business, eliminate expenses, and close the non-profit, the following schedule will be in place for 2022 and 2023.

  • Free-to-Read digital issues will be available on Issuu until July 2023 at
  • Print-on-demand copies of all 12 of our issues can be ordered until 10/31/2022 at
  • Our website will be available until January 2023.