Support Our Work

Support Our Work

Montana Mouthful was conceived by a group of individuals as we sat akimbo on a hardwood floor with a black dog lounging nearby. We dreamed that our magazine might be a catalyst for other writers. We worked late into the night, we learned a few new tricks, and as time passed, we grew more and more excited about this opportunity.

However, we cannot exist without your support, and we feel that supporting the arts is a noble endeavor. We want to put your best writing forward, so we kindly ask for your generosity.

Your support + Our tenacity = More writing and visual artwork.

Currently, you can support our work in two main ways.

  1. You can purchase a Montana Mouthful sticker as part of our “sticky support” campaign.
  2. You can give us a monetary gift through our Paypal account.

At this point, we must reiterate that all of the proceeds go directly to supporting the magazine, as Montana Mouthful is NOT a charitable organization but rather an upstart literary magazine devoted to featuring artists and writers who fill our soul.

Thank you!