The “Quarantine” Issue is Live!

The “Quarantine” Issue is Live!

At Montana Mouthful, our aim is to publish three issues per year, and generally, we have an idea of the year’s themes well in advance. However, around the time we published “The Great Outdoors” issue, COVID-19 was becoming an increasingly serious issue across the globe. We decided to scrap the theme we had in place for the third of issue of the year and instead put out a call for work related to the theme of “Quarantine.” We took submissions throughout the summer months. During that time, Coronavirus numbers were decreasing in many place after what was a concerning late-winter and spring for many people in a number of countries. Today, as we publish the “Quarantine” issue, COVID-19 numbers are again increasing. Of course, this is very concerning, and we hope everyone is remaining safe, healthy, and as calm as possible.

This issue broke submission records at Montana Mouthful; the worldwide impact of COVID-19 and the global quarantines sparked an outpouring of thoughts and feelings that so many people captured in stories, essays, poems, and artwork. On some level, we wish we could publish everything that was sent to us, for each item was a sincere attempt to show and make sense of what’s going on. Alas, we have only so much room in the magazine, but to everyone who submitted, we give a heartfelt thank you.

In the following pages, you’ll find a variety of responses to what’s happening in the world at the moment. These times are scary and stressful, but they are also filled with love and hope.  Contributors, thank you for these wonderful pieces, and Readers, do check out the biography pages to learn more about the individuals whose work makes up this beautiful issue.

The issue also includes our ESL feature as well as a nonfiction piece by guest contributor, Sarah Raymont, in the “Editor’s Enclosure” section. In it, Sarah writes about the quarantine experience from Brooklyn, New York.

Here is the link to Our Current Issue web page where you’ll find links to read the issue for free online (via ISSUU) and where you may purchase print-on-demand copies. (You may notice that we changed our print-on-demand service from Magcloud to Peecho.)

Thank you for your readership, contributions, and support. Mainly, we wish you safety, hope, and happiness during these challenging times.

The Montana Mouthful Editors