Meet the Team


Jasmine wanted to be Superman when she grew up. Instead, she writes, edits, teaches, and tends to plants, among other things.


Holly Alastra believes in relativity over absolutes and doing her part for the ailing world. Physical speed is her drug of choice, so she regularly engages in activities that make use of gravity. Her solace at the end of the day is a good read in a comfy bed.


Cari Divine is fluent in Sarcasm as a second language. She is reeling from the recent discovery that the Zodiacal calendar has been incorrect all her life and that she is a mis-diagnosed Gemini. She has always identified as a Gemini with her two personalities (sweet & sassy), and is stymied at how this error went undetected for so long. She finds that the new identity as a Taurus is bull, and she questions her artistic Gemini abilities as a writer.