Need Some Fresh Air? “The Great Outdoors” Issue is Live!

Need Some Fresh Air? “The Great Outdoors” Issue is Live!

When we put out the call for submissions for Montana Mouthful’s “The Great Outdoors” issue, the Coronavirus had yet to cause great concern here in the U.S. Since that time, however, most of us have been in quarantine, adhering to social-distancing guidelines to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Coincidentally, escaping into the great outdoors has been one of the few recreational activities open to us during the past few months, so perhaps you’ll find familiarity, inspiration, or even comfort in the stories, essays, poetry, and artwork in our latest issue.

As always, we extend a big thank you to our contributors. Without their submissions, we’d have no magazine at all. We hope you check out the biography pages where you can discover more about these talented individuals. Some contributors include links to their websites and social media pages, so you can follow them and view more of their work. 

“The Great Outdoors” is a broad theme, and we were delighted by the variety of takes submitted to us. In this issue, the “outdoors” includes everything from backyards all the way to outer space. We visit gardens, mountains, lakes, beaches, the ocean, and even another planet. We feel the issue is best enjoyed in your favorite outdoor space.

The issue also includes our usual ESL feature as well as a reflective nonfiction story by co-editor, Cari Divine, about a childhood incident at her family’s cabin.

All right, time to get outside! Here is the link to Our Current Issue web page where you’ll find a link to read the issue for free online (via ISSUU), and a link where you may purchase digital and print-on-demand copies (via Magcloud).

Thanks again to our contributors and thank you to all of our readers. We hope you remain safe and healthy during these stressful times!